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Three ways to partition your property

On behalf of Lang Law Office posted in Real Estate Law on Wednesday, July 05, 2017.

There are countless reasons you might be facing a property partition. According to Huffington Post, disputed property division in a divorce is common. Alternately, you might have invested with a business partner who no longer wants to be involved but wants to retain partial equity. Partitioning the property is a possible solution for these and many other situations,… Read more »

Small business owners and arbitration

On behalf of Lang Law Office posted in Real Estate Disputes on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Business owners deal with contracts every day, signing agreements with employees, vendors, customers and contractors. Many still assume that if a dispute arises about any provision, they will proceed to litigate the issue in court. However, if like many arrangements today, the contract specifies dispute resolution via arbitration, you may not end up having your day… Read more »

Hoping to keep your house in the family? Steer clear of short sales

On behalf of Lang Law Office posted in Real Estate Law on Tuesday, October 04, 2016.

In many circumstances, there’s nothing wrong with selling your house to someone you know. But different rules apply in a short sale. As we discussed in an earlier post, a short sale may be an appropriate way to avoid foreclosure in certain cases when you owe more than your house is worth. Since a short sale… Read more »

Avoid These Common Commercial Real Estate Leasing Mistakes

On behalf of Lang Law Office posted in Real Estate Law on Monday, July 11, 2016.

Running a business requires an enormous amount of focus and effort. Disputes about office space or a lease agreement are distractions that entrepreneurs can’t afford. A number of common disputes that crop up between commercial real estate renters and building owners can be avoided by creating comprehensive lease agreements before moving your business into a… Read more »