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High Net Worth Estate Planning

Chanhassen High Net Worth Estate Planning Attorney

When you establish an estate plan, you establish a solid foundation for your family. An estate plan will provide directives regarding the distribution of your property and assets upon your death. If you have amassed significant wealth, sizeable property holdings, considerable business interests and other valuable items, the directives from your estate plan can influence and guide your family’s wealth for years to come.

At the Lang Law Office in Chanhassen, Minnesota, we know that you have a goal for your family. Whether that goal includes passing down the family business, family money, family cabin or family farm, Greg Lang, our Chanhassen high net worth estate planning lawyer, can get you to that goal. We have more than 30 years of experience providing estate planning services to individuals and families throughout the Greater Minneapolis area. Contact us for your confidential consultation.

We Use Effective Legal Strategies to Align You With Your Goals

If you are like the majority of our high net worth clients, you want to pass on the fruits of your labor in a manner that meets your goals. If you have children, you may wish to ensure that each child is treated appropriately. You may wish to pass a business or a family farm to one or more beneficiaries while making different gifts to other beneficiaries. If you have grandchildren, you may wish to ensure that each grandchild is benefited as well. Gifts to charities may also be among your goals as well.

We approach your goals creatively. For example, if you own a family farm and have three children but only one of your children is interested in farming, we can propose solutions. Or, if you own a lake home up north and want to keep the cabin in the family, we can help you devise a plan. We can propose solutions for keeping a business in the family if two of your four children have chosen other career paths. Our attorneys explore all elements of your financial and business portfolio to determine the best course of action. We consider using tools such as trusts, buy-sell agreements, insurance and family partnerships to ensure your assets are distributed in a manner you desire. Attorney Greg Lang strives to develop wills and trusts that provide a high level of care and conscientiousness to each of your family members and beneficiaries.

Additionally, a well-developed estate plan can ensure the probate and estate administration process is as stress-free as possible for your loved ones.

You have worked hard for all that you have. You want to feel confident that everything you have worked for will be passed along to those you love in the manner you deem best. The Lang Law Office can guide you through the decisions that are involved in ensuring this happens and develop an estate plan that meets your goals.

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Make a plan today to protect your family’s future. Our Chanhassen high net worth estate planning attorney will provide a complete evaluation of your financial situation and help you understand your legal options in drafting or revising an estate plan. You can reach us by phone at 952-470-6361 , or contact us online.