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Trial and Arbitration

Chanhassen Trial Attorney

Real estate disputes can be resolved through several methods, including arbitration or trial. When you are involved in a residential or commercial real estate dispute, you need an attorney who is experienced.At the Lang Law Office in Chanhassen, Minnesota, our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience protecting the rights of clients throughout the Greater Minneapolis area. Our attorneys are fully prepared to give your case the attention and devotion it deserves. Contact our law firm for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights and options involving a real estate dispute.

Resolving Minnesota Real Estate Law Disputes

We handle dispute resolution of residential and commercial real estate matters that include:

Trial vs. Arbitration: What’s the Difference?

As Chanhassen arbitration lawyers and as trial lawyers, Lang Law Office advocates for the clients’ rights. Trial and arbitration are both forums for resolving disputes, but arbitration is considered an alternative to trial.

Arbitration usually occurs because the parties have agreed to arbitrate in a prior contract. For example, a purchase agreement may have a section on resolving disputes in arbitration that both parties agree to. Arbitration is relatively informal, with more room for discussion and frank talk.

Trial is a forum that is familiar to most people. Taking place in a courtroom before a judge, the other party’s attorney and your attorney each argue and produce evidence on your behalf. Structure and decorum is a predominant component.

At Lang Law Office we equally comfortable in both settings, using well-honed skills as communicators, negotiators and trial attorneys to present our clients’ arguments.

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Whether your case will be resolved in arbitration or at trial, the Lang Law Office can assist you. Schedule a confidential consultation at our Chanhassen law firm today. You can reach us by phone at 952-470-6361 , or contact us online.