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Land and Lakeshore Disputes

Chanhassen Land and Lakeshore Disputes Lawyer

We are fortunate in Minnesota — we have beautiful lakes throughout the state, with Lake Chanhassen and many others in the metro area as well as virtually countless lakes up north. As a lake homeowner, or as the owner of several lake homes or vacation properties, your lake home probably provides you with an oasis like no other, a place to fish, canoe and spend lazy mornings on the dock with a cup of coffee. However, your lake home can provide you with problems as well. From combative neighbors to construction defects to family disputes, there are many legal issues that can arise throughout your ownership.At the Lang Law Office in Chanhassen, we have more than 30 years of experience protecting the rights of Minnesota lake homeowners. Contact our law firm for a confidential consultation with a Chanhassen land and lakeshore disputes attorney if you have legal questions involving your vacation home or cabin.

Seeking Resolution of Disputes in Your Favor

Greg Lang, our Minneapolis real estate attorney, is also a board-certified real property specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association. He knows Minnesota real estate law, and he knows Minnesota lakeshore. When faced with a legal dispute, you can feel confident turning to attorney Lang to provide the skilled legal attention your case requires.

The Lang Law Office handles land and lakeshore disputes involving:

  • Probate litigation: Disputes concerning the validity of a will or trust as it relates to a lake home?
  • Construction defect: Disputes concerning purchase of a lake home that is exhibiting signs of a construction defect in the foundation, plumbing, roof or other key element of the home?
  • Easements: Disputes concerning claims that a shed or boat house is on another’s land. Disputes concerning demands for lakeshore access across another’s land.
  • Boundaries: Disputes concerning the location of property lines.

While we handle many disputes in trial and arbitration, we also handle non-adversarial matters such as purchase and sales agreements on behalf of lake homeowners.

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When you own a lake home, you want to be able to relax during your time there. Let us help you ease your legal burdens. Schedule a confidential consultation with the Lang Law Office today. You can reach us by phone at 952-470-6361 , or contact us online.