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Minneapolis Estate Administration Lawyer

Probate is the process of administering your loved one’s estate after he or she has passed away. It involves verifying the validity of the will and any trusts, gathering of the assets, debt settlement and distribution of assets to the beneficiaries as ordered in the will or, if there is no will, by statutory requirement.

This process can be overwhelming for executors or administrators who have never been through it before, especially in the wake of losing a loved one. At the Lang Law Office, our Chanhassen probate attorney, Greg Lang, works with people across the Twin Cities metro area and greater Minnesota in all aspects of probate law.

Helping You Through a Difficult Time

We understand what a difficult time this is for everyone involved. The legal issues are complex and emotions can often get in the way of clear thinking. We will help you navigate the process and work to ensure that everything goes smoothly at each step.

We also represent clients who wish to dispute the validity of a will or trust. There are many reasons that a will or trust can be challenged, including ambiguity, improper drafting or execution, insufficient capacity, undue influence and many others. If you feel that a will or trust is unfair or does not represent your loved one’s wishes, we will provide vigorous representation to support your claim.

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