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COVID-19 Status Update

Have you prepared a will or trust?  Do you have a power-of-attorney?  Do you have a health care directive?  Is your estate plan up to date?  During this Corona Virus outbreak, an affirmative answer to these questions is the only right answer. If your answer is negative, now is the right time to take action so that you will have these important documents in force.  We can help you now.  We can prepare your will, trust, power-of-attorney, health care directive or update your estate plan.  You won’t need to come into the office.  We can collect information to prepare the documents from you by telephone, email or US mail.  We will transmit the completed documents to you by email or US mail.  You need not come to our office to sign the documents.  We will give you instructions so you can sign the documents, select witnesses and a notary at a place convenient to you.

We are taking precautionary steps to minimize physical contact by practicing social distancing, wiping surfaces with alcohol and working remotely as much as possible.  Our commitment is to deliver quality legal services to our clients.  Over all, our services to our clients is continuing without serious interruption.  Commonly, much of our work is already conducted by phone or written word.  We intend to continue to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.  Please call us.  We will promptly respond.

We would be very pleased to accept your referral of family and friends as well.  We provide legal services in all areas of the law including estate planning, probate, real estate, business, investment, trial, divorce and family law. Call us at (952) 470-6361.