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Litigation relating to commercial construction defects

On behalf of Lang Law Office posted in Residential Real Estate on Monday, October 16, 2017.

It takes a lot of time to complete a large construction project. It also takes a lot of different construction crews that specialize in different areas of the construction process. Most importantly, though, it takes a great deal of money to complete a large-scale project.

The problem is, during all the different phases of construction, there are many places where things can go wrong. When errors are discovered later on down the road — which they often are — they can be extremely expensive for the building and property owners to repair. When these errors were the fault of the construction companies that built the building, the construction companies in error could be liable for the costs associated with fixing the issue.

At the Lang Law Office in Minnesota, our firm has successfully represented a number of property owners in construction defect claims relating to:

— Foundation issues: When a foundation is not built properly it can the structure of a building, cause unwanted water leaks, and result in cracks in the flooring and create certain dangers for those who are using the space.

— Insulation: Insulation is an easy area for construction firms to skimp on and it is not uncommon to discover a poorly completed insulation job. This can cause a building to be less than energy efficient, and create problems with the building’s climate control systems.

— Plumbing: A plumbing problem, especially when it relates to building-wide problems or issues in the foundation of the building, it can be very costly to repair.

— Roof: The roof is a primary part of a building’s structure, and it’s also an area of construction where a lot of things can go wrong. It is not uncommon for a building owner to discover the first time there is a hard rain that the building’s roof is not secure against rain.

At the Lang Law Office, we help the owners of apartment buildings, condominiums, office buildings and others address problems regarding construction defects the kinds of construction defects listed above and more. We assist individuals and businesses in the Greater Minneapolis area negotiate with negligent construction firms that failed to fulfill the service agreements they promised to adhere to, and when necessary, we represent our clients in construction litigation trial proceedings.