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How can a real estate attorney help in your transaction?

On behalf of Lang Law Office posted in Residential Real Estate on Friday, July 14, 2017.

As you’re likely aware, real estate transactions do not require the work of an attorney. You can use your real estate agent to buy a new home and never have to speak with a lawyer. However, there are some very clear advantages to working with an attorney when you’re finalizing a real estate deal.

Although a real estate attorney isn’t required, if something pops up during the finalization of your real estate transaction — like a disagreement between you and the seller of the property — having an attorney on your side, who’s already completely familiar with the transaction can be an invaluable asset. Most experienced real estate agents can negotiate a purchase agreement; however, they do not have sufficient training to make a decision about a legal question.

Imagine the home you want to buy has an aspect that doesn’t fit with building codes. Perhaps it has an illegal rental space inside it that is currently being rented by a tenant who is under contract. You want to evict this person so your son and his new wife can live there, but you don’t know if the law is on your side to do so. The answer to this question would likely affect your decision to purchase the property, and only a lawyer will be able to suitably answer it for you.

At the Lang Law Office, we routinely help prospective real estate buyers with their residential real estate purchase agreements. We find that we frequently need to adjust or tweak the terms of a real estate transaction to protect our clients’ legal rights. If you want the benefit of buying your home the right way, to get the best deal for your money and to be protected from future legal troubles, the Lang Law Office can help.