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January 2017 Archives

Gregory A. Lang

Don't ignore property issues when buying a short sale home

Purchasing a home on short sale happens when a buyer purchases a home for less than the amount the owner owes on the mortgage. These are usually homes that are facing, or about to face the threat of foreclosure proceedings. In these situations, the lending organization must first give permission for the short sale. The lender will also not receive all of its money back on the sale, but it could be more advantageous than the foreclosure process, which is why banks allow short sales to proceed.

Understanding the Basics of the Estate Tax

Many people don't realize that even death cannot provide an escape from taxes. In fact, there is a specific tax law in the United States tax code called the Estate Tax. Many people call this the death tax because the tax is triggered when the owner of the estate dies. While many people assume that the estate tax is just another word for the final income tax, the estate tax is significantly different.

Macy's sold its store in the center of Minneapolis

The Macy's department store was at the center of downtown Minneapolis for more than 100 years, but recently it was sold, bringing an end to an era. Macy's, which has long been the largest store of any kind in the downtown Minneapolis area, announced last Wednesday that it had sold the property to a New York real estate firm that is known for remodeling older properties.

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