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Gregory A. Lang

Estate planning mistakes that are commonly made

It is always recommended that Minnesota residents put together a plan regarding what they would like to happen to their estate in the event that something happens to them. While a good plan may keep family members from fighting over assets, there are major mistakes that are commonly made when it comes to planning.

What happens to debts after a person dies

When someone passes away in Minnesota, friends and family may expect to receive a portion of the individual's assets based on what is in their will. However, there are some cases where individuals die with unpaid debts, and people may worry that they will be held responsible for paying off credit card balances or automobile loans.

The costs of a nursing home

One of the biggest expenses during retirement may be the cost of entering a nursing home or an assisted living facility. However, many Minnesota residents are not planning for this expense or have an idea of how much it may cost to access these services. It was reported by that 57 percent of Americans believe that living in a nursing home would cost less than $75,000 a year.

Avoiding sibling battles through the use of smart estate planning

Minnesota residents who are thinking about estate planning may be interested in an article discussing a perceived rise in the number of inheritance fights among family members. While there are many possible reasons for this increase, attorneys believe that a suitable estate plan can help to avoid these issues.

Avoiding the common mistakes that can invalidate a will

Minnesota residents who are looking into creating a will may be interested in an article detailing some common mistakes that a court could use to invalidate the document. Avoiding these issues may help to ensure that the person's intentions are clear and followed when dispensing their property.

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